NASH Gaming - Backup disc Game Info

This page is to put info around our backup disc games.

Here is a list of games that we did not put on our store because the offline cracks are only emulators and not proper cracks or the game has a very bad rating with lots of issues/problems. The games have issues and we will rather wait until a proper crack is available.

There is a BIG difference between an emulator bypass and a PROPER crack.


1. Rugby 18 - As of 2017-11-02 - The game has a 22% positive rating on Steam, lots of complaints (78%) about the game. Once they patched it more then we will add it.
2. Don Bradman Cricket 17 - The Skidrow release got NUKED from the scene group (Don.Bradman.Cricket.17-SKIDROW - bad.crack_saving.doesnt.work_controls.stop.working.eventually). If a proper crack ever gets released then we will add it.

As soon as proper offline cracks are available or game is patched then we will put this games on our store.

NASH Gaming - Backup disc Requests

As you will have noticed, we do not just put each and every game on our store. Some of the games are not good, have issues or just do not sell.
It takes a lot of time to test and prepare a game to make sure YOU, the client gets a proper working game.
So instead of wasting our time putting up games in our store that will never sell or give you problems, we concentrate on the games that do sell and that people do want to play. This saves our time as well.

If you have any requests for "Backup disc" games that are not on our store, then send us a mail to "". We will then add it to our list and if there are enough requests, we will add it then unless the game gives problems.

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