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EaZy Shutdown

Scheduling a shutdown has never been so EaZy with EaZy Shutdown.

Shutdown your computer at a scheduled time or countdown time.

Examples of use:

– You are busy downloading something but your unlimited cap is only valid until 06:00 in the morning, and you do not want to risk over sleeping and not shutting the computer down or having to wake up so early.
Use EaZy Shutdown to shut the computer down at a specific time like 05:58 and you can sleep like a baby.
– Maybe your watching a movie in bed or listening to music, you fall asleep and the computer runs the whole night or even wake you up because the movie/music is still playing. So you schedule a time to shutdown your computer and no more problems.
– Or any other reason you might want to shutdown your computer.

This software is still in development so all future additions will also be available to the client even if they purchase now.

Features already working:

– Shutdown your computer at a specific time, currently support 24 hours in advance.
– Set a countdown and when the countdown reaches 0 then your computer will shutdown, currently countdown support 99 hours.
– Save setting for up to 3 Specific times that you use often and then quick pick those times again.
– Save setting for up to 3 Countdown times that you use often and then quick pick those times again.
– Pause function for Countdown timer for if you want to pause the countdown and then continue again.

Future features: (This could change at any time)

– Shutdown a specific application or process instead of the whole computer. Perfect if you want to computer to keep on running but stop a certain application, example: a program that is downloading something.
– Date feature for specific time so that you can schedule days in advance and not just 24 hours.
– Increase countdown to 960 hours (40 days).
– Any other features will be added here.


R35 if download/digital
R50 if on disc
(The price will change once development done, so take advantage of the price.)


– Buy 3 CD Keys for R90 (if digital/download)
– Buy 3 CD Keys for R130 (if on disc)

Click Image to download